Work time

2 500

Stores and showcases


Equal to soccer fields

2 500

Parking spaces

16 300 m2

Cross docks

17 500 m2

Trade bazaar

3 000 m2



Cargo parking

Availability of quality and fresh products all year round

1 floor
Monthly tours

Interested foodies, educational groups, international visitors, study groups and those who
is engaged in the production of fresh products or the food industry, it is suggested to take a guided tour of
lively atmosphere of the new market, the largest wholesale markets for fresh fruits and vegetables.
Tours are operated by the preferred operator of FOOD CITY
For people who have never visited FOOD CITY, deciding where to start can seem a little daunting.
A guided tour with trained guides will make navigating the morning hustle and bustle of markets safe and easy. Guides
know how markets work, know their fresh produce and know market people. They make it possible to experience
real taste of market life.

Join trained guides on a FOOD CITY tour. Experience the unique atmosphere of the food markets,
manufacturers. Round off with breakfast at one of the market’s lively cafes.
• Monthly tours run on the first Friday of the month (excluding public holidays).
• Tours start at 6:30 am and last from 1 to 1.5 hours.
• Tours are for a maximum of 20 people and must have a minimum of 5 participants.
Fees apply and reservations are required.
Tours can be dangerous without prior notice and without obligation.

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