The sale of rental rights on the market has begun

The first agro-complex in Uzbekistan Food City, built on an area of ​​60 hectares, is a good opportunity for those who want their own business.

Yangi Qo’lik Dehqon Bozor has freezer and refrigerated warehouses where entrepreneurs can store, distribute, and sell food. In addition, there is a shopping center, a hotel, a 4-storey business center serving the population of Uzbekistan. There are prayer rooms, parking lots, recreation areas, a bus station, a bank building, trade and consumer services for women and men visiting the market.
Such agricultural complexes are also available in the most developed countries of the world such as France, Germany, Australia, Italy and Russia. Purchase at wholesale prices in the stores of the new complex and direct delivery can be carried out in the KROSS-DOK system.
Newly built sheep farms in the Sheep Market area are waiting for their tenants.
The competition for the right was announced on June 7, applications are accepted until July 7.
Address of the New Sheep Market: Tashkent region, Orta-Chirchik district